July 2017 Club Meeting

There will be a Club meeting on July 9th 5pm at Moondog in Abingdon. Check the discussion in the forum for more details!

2 thoughts on “July 2017 Club Meeting

  1. Jay Francis

    Hi I signed up a while back and hoping your can give me some ideas I’m building a rock mud trail Jeep for my son who is autistic he is the inspection for building it I’m hoping do a club but real reason is to raise money for special needs teens and adults

    1. Clint Harris Post author

      Hello Jay, unfortunately I’m not sure what to tell you by that message, honestly I’m not really sure how we can help you in your quest. Yes, we’re a club and I encourage you and your son to come get involved with our group if you’re local to our area. Maybe you should head over to our forums and start a thread to give us a better idea of what you’re into. Lots of folks here with experience building Jeeps, Trucks and even the older Broncos…

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