Become a Member

Yes, we have social media presence but we are much more than those random groups of couch potatoes sitting around posting online about things they wish they could do! We are an actual organization with an incorporation, charter, elected officers, official merchandise, and we have goals for the group. We get out and actually go ride, have fun and enjoy the trails. We’re a family-based club so all of our club meetings and rides are always family friendly.

If you’re interested in becoming an official member of the oldest and most stable off road club in Southwest VA, here are the basics.

  1. Club Membership is only $20 per year, due by March 1 of each calendar year.
  2. You must fill out the membership application and sign the liability waiver (our lawyer requires that).
  3. The $20 membership fee is per immediate family, not per person, so it covers the spouse and any kids in the household under 18.
  4. You must be at least 18 years old to join, or have a parent complete the application and liability waiver.
  5. Liability waivers are required to be signed and on file for everyone attending a club ride, even guests (again, our lawyer said so).
  6. We will absolutely NOT tolerate any forms of illegal drug use or drinking and driving on the trails.
  7. You must pack at a minimum the items on the Required Equipment List (see below).

Additional information is found in the Club By-Laws as well, so potential members should become familiar with the information contained therein.

Concerned about having to pay dues to join a group? Don’t be! We have no paid employees and everyone in the club pays the same dues. Best of all, the club is totally transparent about the funds during our business meetings. The Treasurer is required to give the financial report which includes all expenditures and income amounts. The club membership dues go to pay for several things, but most importantly our official incorporation fees through the SCC since the club itself is a non-profit incorporation. It also pays for our club website, club merchandise, and our periodic family cookouts and gatherings. We also do charitable things for the community such as the Angel Tree at Christmas and food bank donations. So 100% of the club funds go directly to support the club, the members and the local community.

So what to do is this. Simply fill out the Membership Application and the Liability Waiver, write out a dues check to the club and bring it to one of the official club events. Give the forms to one of the elected club leaders and they’ll guide you from there. Have questions, link up with us on one of our Social Media accounts, or by contacting one of the elected officials directly and we’ll always respond quickly!

Required forms and information are all here: