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The Appalachian Off-Road Club, Inc is a fully legally incorporated organization headquartered in Abingdon, VA. We have club members throughout all of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. We’re just north of Bristol and technically part of the Tri-Cities area. We ride in many different places on a variety of platforms including Jeeps/Trucks, ATV’s and UTV’s. Some of our favorite places are the Spearhead Trails system, Harlan, Windrock (Coal Creek) and of course our more local trails like Holston Mountain and Cash Hollow. We’re a small group, pretty informal, and very family-oriented.

We started the club in March 2001 with only a few members. We’ve grown over the years, and often shrunk back down as well. Just like most hobbies the off road community feels the impact of the economy. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still get together and have a good time. While many of our members have been with the club for a really long time, others are relatively new. We welcome newcomers at all our rides and events. You don’t need a lot of money or time to be a good member of the club, just be willing to participate as you can! Sometimes we really do nothing more than get together and wrench on someone’s rig, have a bonfire, or just sit around and drink a few cold beers with friends.

One benefit of joining the club is a discount through the 4wd Hardware club discount incentive program. Once you’re a paid member of the club we will submit to 4wd Hardware so you can start receiving the great discounts! This not only helps you by saving you money, but the club also gets a rebate check back annually which varies depending on how much the club members purchase in a year. But we use the funds just like the dues money. It goes to fund the operating costs (ie – incorporation fees, website fees, etc) and also for our cookouts and gatherings that we have multiple times a year!

So now you need to know exactly what you need to do in order to join our club. You must be at least 18 years old for liability purposes. Minors are welcome if accompanied by a paid adult club member who is their parent/guardian so long as the appropriate membership application and liability waivers are on file with the Club Secretary. Be self-sufficient with your own tools, recovery, etc. Don’t bring junk to the trail and expect us to drag you out of the woods! We’ve done it more than once and we’re proud to say we’ve never left anyone stranded. We do have a list of items you’re required to bring such as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc. You must maintain a minimum of liability insurance for whatever you’re riding. On ATV/UTV the gear is different and in most places helmets are required. Practice the pack-it-in, pack-it-out. We will absolutely NOT tolerate any forms of illegal drug use. We will NOT tolerate drinking and driving on the trails.

AORC Club Business Meetings are held on the first Sunday of each quarter (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) at 5:00pm. Quarterly meetings are at the Moon Dog Pizza Restaurant off I-81, Exit 14 in Abingdon, VA.

AORC Club Rides (ATV and Truck) are scheduled at least once per month and we typically plan two months out. Check the calendar and discussion board for the upcoming events!

Club membership is only $25 per year and you can ride on the Truck side, ATV side or both for that one low price!

For club information contact the club leadership listed below and they will point you in the right direction!

Looking for where to ride? Check out our Trail Listing in the Open Trails Thread on our Discussion Board Direct Link! Or better yet, come out and ride with the club!

We do have club merchandise for sale at all our club meetings. T-shirts, hats, stickers, etc. We sell all our club merchandise for just $1 over cost. So bring some extra cash to the next club meeting and pick up your goodies!

Please note that when you register for our club website it requires Administrator approval before your access is granted. This is due to the number of scammers and spammers across the internet. If you’re legitimate and we accidentally do not approve your registration or it’s taking a long time to get an approval back, call or text one of the contacts listed below and we’ll help you out.

2019 Club Leadership:
President –¬†Jeff “Taz” McAllister – 276-696-1543
Vice President – Jon Cumbow – 276-608-8518
Secretary – Joey Brewer – 276-608-0964
Treasurer – Clint Harris – 276-365-6086
Past President – David Meadows – 423-440-0629
Board of Directors Member – Shawn Florey – 276-689-5480
Board of Directors Member – Scott “Scooter” Hughes – 276-880-5347

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