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    Clint Harris

    We planned an event for the weekend after Thanksgiving, what’s the plan?

    I’m good all weekend really, not a whole lot else on the schedule just yet. I’d prefer a Sunday ride.

    If we’re taking the ATV/SxS then let’s hit something we’ve not done yet, like maybe the Spearhead trails in Haysi or something.

    If we’re taking the Jeeps, where we going? What day?



    Jeff McAllister

    Well no one except Jon has showed an interest. My jeep is using or losing oil somewhere. If I take oil with me I would be alright. But I would rather get the oil issue fixed first. Why don’t you and Jon just plan a location and post it up. If anyone wants to show up then fine. If its for atv and jeeps I’ll see if I want to chance it with the oil.


    Clint Harris

    That stinks, good news is you still have your old engine from the other Jeep if you end up having to swap it out. My 4.0 in the YJ only loses a little bit of oil over time but I usually run 10W-30 in it…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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