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    Clint Harris

    I’ve still got a few transfer cases laying behind the garage that I’m not going to be using. One is a divorced NP-205 from a 1975 F-250. The second one is a NP-205 from a 1979 F-250. The third one is a NP-203 from a late 70’s Dodge.

    Originally I was going to use the NP-203 and NP-205 to do a doubler in the old Waggy project. Since I dumped that project I’ve got the transfer cases with no need for them. The divorced NP-205 came from a parts truck that I bought, I never had a need for that case but a divorced case is hard to find so I kept it before I put the rest of the truck in the scrap yard.

    If you need one (or all) of the cases let me know and make me an offer! I don’t need to sell them so don’t totally lowball me because I do have money tied up in them, but I’ll make club members a good deal on them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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